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What is a Medicare Supplement insurance plan?

While Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) covers hospital and medical services, it doesn’t cover everything. There are certain gaps in coverage, such as copayments and deductibles, that Medicare beneficiaries must pay out of pocket.

If you’d like help paying for some of the costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, you might consider enrolling in a Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Kansas. Also known as Medigap, these plans work alongside your Original Medicare coverage to fill in some of the gaps in Part A and Part B, which may include copayments, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, some Medigap plans may offer coverage for emergency medical services outside of the country.

In Kansas, as in the rest of the country, Medicare Supplement insurance plans are offered by private insurance companies in the state. There are 10 types of Medigap plans available, and each plan type is designated by a different letter of the alphabet (for example, Plan B). All of the plans under a letter category offer identical, standardized coverage — no matter which insurance company you purchase from. However, the cost of the plan can vary, based on the insurance company and the location where the plan is offered.

To be eligible for Medicare Supplement insurance insurance, you must be enrolled in Original Medicare, Part A and Part B. Medigap is meant to be used with Original Medicare; these plans don’t work with Medicare Advantage plans and can’t be used to pay for expenses in Medicare Part C.

Enrolling in a Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Kansas

In Kansas, like the rest of the United States, you can enroll in a Medigap plan at any time of the year; there aren’t annual enrollment periods to purchase this type of coverage. By law, insurance companies in Kansas must offer at least one type of Medigap plan to people with Medicare who are under 65.

Although there aren’t yearly enrollment periods for Medicare Supplement coverage, the best time to purchase a Medigap plan is during the Medigap Open Enrollment Period, which starts automatically the month that you’re 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B. It continues for six months, and once this period has passed, you don’t get another one.

The Medigap Open Enrollment Period is generally when you will have the most plan options available to you. During this time, you have guaranteed-issue rights, meaning you have the right to enroll in any Medigap plan sold in your state. Insurance companies can’t charge you higher premiums because of health or deny coverage due to medical history. Once you’re enrolled in the plan, renewal is also generally guaranteed as long as you keep paying your plan premiums.

If you enroll in a Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Kansas after your Medigap Open Enrollment Period has passed, you may not be able to enroll with guaranteed issue. Insurance companies may charge higher premiums if you have health problems or require medical underwriting. The insurance company may even deny coverage completely based on the medical information they receive on the beneficiary.

Choosing Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Kansas

Medicare Supplement insurance may be helpful for Original Medicare beneficiaries who have a lot of doctor visits and have high out-of-pocket costs. Keep in mind that since benefits vary across the different plan types, it may be a good idea to start by considering the level of coverage you’re looking for. From there, you can shop around to find the best price for that particular Medigap plan type, since premiums may vary by insurance company and location, even if the benefits are the same for plans of the same letter.

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