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Medicare vs. Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are both government programs that help pay for health care. However, the benefits, costs, and eligibility requirements are different. Medicare basics Medicare is a federall

Medicare Savings Programs: Getting Help with Medicare Costs

Medicare Savings Programs help low-income individuals with some of the out-of-pocket costs for Medicare, including Medicare Part A and Part B premiums, deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. E

Nursing Homes and Medicare

If you or a loved one cannot live at home independently, a nursing home may be the best possible option. Medicare generally does not pay for long-term nursing home care, but covers short-term ca

Finding a Medicare Primary Care Physician Near You

A primary care physician typically practices general medicine and may be the first person you see for non-emergency medical care. In a Medicare Advantage HMO plan your primary care physician may

Plan Ahead and Enjoy a Stress-Free Doctor Visit

Doctor visits can be stressful for seniors on Original Medicare, Part A and Part B. Read on for tips about planning doctor visits so you'll know what to expect and have the information you need to

Top 10 Reasons Seniors Go to the Emergency Room

Senior citizens often end up in the emergency room (ER) for serious health issues -- heart attacks or strokes, for example – but many are also rushed to the ER because of injuries and accidents.

Understand Medicare and Plan Your Retirement

Since health care is one of the biggest expenses seniors have to face, your Medicare costs and benefits should be a key part of your budget when planning for retirement. It’s important to have

Questions to Consider When Applying for Medicare Coverage

Before you apply for Medicare, it's critical for you to be aware of how Medicare coverage fits in with your health and drug needs, now and in the future. There are several types of Medicare plan o

Avoid Unnecessary Medicare Expenses

Keeping health-care costs down while still getting good health coverage is very important, especially for seniors on a fixed income. As a Medicare beneficiary, you can take charge of your health-c

Power of Attorney for Caregivers

A durable power of attorney (or other advance directive) gives an individual the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of a person who is unable to do so (called a "principal"). Depending on

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How Technology Is Improving Senior Living

The infusion of technology into senior living homes can present an easier life for everyone involved. Whether it's electronic monitoring devices, digital medical records, or even robotic caregiver

Recognizing Warnings Signs of Health Threats for Seniors with Medicare

Preserving your good health is an ongoing effort, and one of the keys to a long, active life is preventive care. By taking care of yourself and recognizing warning signs of disease, you may be abl

Health Care and the Real Cost of Aging

To better plan for your retirement and future health care needs, you need to understand the real cost of aging for seniors. This will require you to take a look at current and future health care

Can you have private insurance and Medicare?

People sometimes ask "Can you have private insurance and Medicare? How does that work?" In some cases, you may be able to have both Medicare and private insurance, as we'll explain. Private insurance

How Much Money Should I Budget for Health Insurance in My Retirement?

If you’re about to retire, making sure you have adequate health insurance for retirees may be one of your top priorities. According to the National Library of Medicine, health care costs increase ex

Can I Lose My Medicare Eligibility?

Yes, if you qualify for Medicare by disability or health problem, you could lose your Medicare eligibility. If you qualify for Medicare by age, you cannot lose your Medicare eligibility. How do I get

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