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Almost three quarters of the roughly 844,899 Oregonians on Medicare have prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D in Oregon. Of those, over 57% are enrolled in Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans. That’s according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in 2018. Read more about the ways you can get Medicare prescription drug coverage in Oregon.

What is Medicare Part D in Oregon?

Medicare Part D in Oregon (and every state) is a federal program providing prescription drug coverage to Medicare beneficiaries. But you don’t get it automatically. It’s available from private insurance companies that contract with Medicare.

Prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D in Oregon is optional. But if you don’t sign up for it as soon as you’re eligible, you might have to pay a late enrollment penalty if you choose to enroll later on. Medicare Part D rules for Oregon are the same nationwide.

Depending on where you live in Oregon, you may have the option of selecting one of two types of plans:

  • A stand-alone Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan, which works alongside your Medicare Part A and/or Part B coverage
  • A Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan, which provides your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, plus Part D prescription drug benefits. Medicare Advantage plans in Oregon and elsewhere often provide other coverage, such as routine dental and vision care, that’s not generally covered by Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). With this type of plan, you’re still in the Medicare program (even though you get your Medicare benefits through a private, Medicare-approved insurance plan) and you still have to pay your Medicare Part B premium.

Does Medicare Part D in Oregon cover every prescription drug?

Not every plan covers every medication. Each Medicare Prescription Drug Plan in Oregon (and every state) has its own formulary, or list of prescription drugs the plan covers. Most plans include brand-name drugs and less expensive generic drugs in their formularies. The plan may group medications in the formulary into different benefit categories called tiers, each with a different out-of-pocket cost – usually a copayment or coinsurance.

Although the formulary may change at any time, the plan will notify you of formulary changes when necessary. Many plans also have a network of participating retail pharmacies. Your costs are often lower when you use pharmacies connected with the plan.

How should I sign up for Medicare Part D in Oregon?

To get Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, you must choose from plans available where you live in Oregon. You can do this by entering your zip code and clicking the button on this page. Once you start browsing plans, you can also list your medications to get a cost estimate based on the plan’s formulary and benefits.

There are certain enrollment periods when you can sign up for coverage under Medicare Part D in Oregon. For many, the best time to enroll is when they are first eligible for Medicare Part A and/or Part B (for Medicare Advantage plans, you need both). By enrolling promptly, you make sure that your Part D prescription drug coverage starts when you need it and you avoid a potential late enrollment penalty.

You can usually sign up by completing a paper application, an online electronic application, or by telephone. If you want to talk to an expert:

  • You can call a plan representative who will help you enroll.
  • You can contact a licensed insurance agent at eHealth for help understanding your Part D prescription drug coverage options in Oregon and enrolling you in the plan of your choice.
  • You can call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227; TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048). Medicare representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A counselor will help you enroll in the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan in Oregon of your choice.

If you have questions about Part D coverage or need help finding Medicare plan options in Oregon, contact eHealth today for personalized assistance. You can also use eHealth’s easy plan comparison tool – just enter your zip code in the box on this page to begin.

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