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By the numbers

Have you ever wondered how many Medicare beneficiaries live in Virginia? Here are some statistics on Medicare enrollment in the state as of 2018*:

  • Total number of beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans (or other Medicare health plans): 301,324
  • Total number of Medicare beneficiaries in Virginia (Original Medicare and Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) and other health plans): 1,482,536
  • Virginia beneficiaries with Medicare prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D): 951,180
  • Virginia beneficiaries with a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan: 258,019
  • Virginia beneficiaries with a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan: 693,161

Medicare Part A is hospital insurance, and Medicare Part B is medical insurance. Together, Part A and Part B make up Original Medicare, the government-sponsored health insurance program for American citizens and legal permanent residents of at least five continuous years who qualify by age or disability. Many beneficiaries are automatically enrolled into the program as soon as they’re eligible if they’re already receiving retirement benefits or have been receiving disability benefits for at least two years.

You may have Medicare plan options to expand your coverage beyond Original Medicare. For example, you can get your Original Medicare benefits through a Medicare Advantage plan instead of directly through the government. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare, and their plans must include Medicare Part A and Part B benefits (except hospice care, which Medicare still covers). Often, Medicare Advantage plans include other benefits as well, such as vision and dental services. Most of them also include prescription drug coverage. You still pay your Medicare Part B premium even if you’re enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare resources in Virginia

Medicare Savings Programs in Virginia: Virginia residents who are enrolled in Medicare and have limited income and resources can apply for a Medicare Savings Program through the Department of Medical Assistance Services to get discounts on premiums, deductibles, and other health-care expenses.

Virginia State Health Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (SHIP): In Virginia, the State Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (SHIP) is run by the state’s Division for the Aging. They provide unbiased information for beneficiaries and their loved ones at no cost.

*Source: Statistical data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) “Medicare Enrollment Dashboard,” from the CMS Office of Enterprise Data & Analytics, February 2019.

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