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Get Started is the official website for the U.S. government’s Medicare program. provides official benefit information regarding Medicare, including different coverage options, costs, preventative services, and tools for Medicare beneficiaries.

The website is managed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency that administers the Medicare program.

How to use is a resource for people who receive Medicare benefits as well as the family and friends caring for their loved ones on Medicare. offers information regarding the following topics:

  • Sign Up/Change Medicare Plans: Learn about the different Medicare coverage options, find out how to enroll, and search for doctors and health providers.
  • Your Medicare Costs: View detailed information on costs for Medicare Part A and Part B, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan coverage.
  • What Medicare Covers: Find out what benefits and services are covered by Medicare.
  • Prescription Drug Coverage (Medicare Part D): Learn the different ways you can get prescription drug coverage, how Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans work with other insurance, and what costs you can expect.
  • Supplemental Insurance: Find out about supplemental coverage options like Medigap and compare different policies.
  • Claims & Appeals: Learn how to file a claim or appeal and your rights as a Medicare beneficiary.
  • Manage Your Health: Find information on preventive services and personal health records.
  • Help and Support: Get tools for evaluating Medicare Advantage health plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, nursing homes, doctors, and hospitals. Find beneficiary and caregiver resources, including useful phone numbers and websites. has many tools to help Medicare beneficiaries find the health professionals and services they need. These tools make it easy to compare different health care providers side-by-side. Some of the tools you might find on the site include: tools

Physician Compare tool: The Physician Compare tool allows you to search for doctors and other health care professionals by zip code, last name, or medical specialty. You can also search by group practice and filter results to only display doctors who accept Medicare assignment.

Nursing Home Compare: The Nursing Home Compare tool provides information on Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing homes in the U.S. The tool rates each nursing home based on how well it meets resident needs, staffing levels, health inspection results, and overall quality. You can search for nursing homes based on name, star rating, proximity to a hospital or continuing care community, and/or whether they accept Medicare or Medicaid. Medicare Part A covers skilled nursing care in certain circumstances.

Home Health Compare: The Home Health Compare tool lets you search for home health agencies. Medicare A and Medicare B cover limited home health services if your doctor determines they are necessary for your treatment. The Home Health Compare tool filters results based on zip code and the specific services provided by the home health agency, including nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social services, and home health aide services.

Dialysis Facility Compare: For those who require dialysis, has a Dialysis Facility Compare tool to help users find and compare providers. Dialysis facilities can be filtered based on whether they offer in-center hemodialysis and/or peritoneal dialysis, the number of dialysis stations, and whether they offer home hemodialysis training. For patients who work during the day and need to receive dialysis treatments during off-hours, the tool also shows which dialysis facilities have shifts after 5PM.

Supplier Directory Search: also has a tool that lets you search for suppliers of Medicare-covered durable medical equipment (DME), prosthetic devices, orthotics, and other medical supplies. If you live within a competitive bidding area, you will need to purchase equipment and supplies from a Medicare contract supplier in order to receive coverage.

Medicare Plan Finder: Medicare’s Plan Finder tool lets you find plans and compare costs for Original Medicare, as well as private Medicare plans like Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. You can enter in customized information such as your zip code, nearest pharmacy, and the drugs you take every year in order to get more accurate cost estimates for drugs, deductibles, copayments and coinsurance costs.

Registering on is an online portal that is part of the website. It allows you to view personalized details regarding your Medicare coverage, including your eligibility and enrollment information, the status of claims, and benefits information. You can also use your account to submit Initial Enrollment Questionnaires, request additional Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs), and look up information on your health providers.

Setting up an account is free, secure, and allows you to more quickly access your Medicare information online once it is processed. You will need to provide your Medicare number in order to create an account.

Finding information on is a valuable online resource for Medicare beneficiaries. If you are trying to find an answer to a specific question, there are several ways you can search the site:

Search box: allows you to search the site for any pages related to a specific word or phrase. To search, you can enter your search topic into the box next to the Search button at the top of the page. After entering your search query, click the Search button to search the entire website, and the search results will show a list of pages related to that topic.

Frequently Asked Questions: You may find the answer to your question on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. This page contains common questions and answers regarding the Medicare program and how to use the website specifically.

Publications: Medicare also has many online educational publications for various topics, including prescription drug coverage, hospice benefits, and Medigap plans. “Medicare and You” is an online publication released annually that provides a good general overview on the Medicare program. If you are not familiar with Medicare and want more information on how it works and what is covered, this online handbook is a good place to start.

Contact Medicare:

If you still cannot find the information you are looking for through, you can also contact Medicare directly by phone. Medicare representatives are available 24/7 by calling 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) (TTY users 1-877-486-2048). is not affiliated with or and have the .gov domain because they are official federal government websites.

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