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How Can I Find Out if My Prescription Drugs Are Covered by My Humana Plan?

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Are you looking at a Medicare prescription drug plan, or thinking about changing plans? Humana’s prescription drug coverage might be an option for you.

Medicare prescription drug plans and Humana coverage

As a savvy Medicare beneficiary, you probably already know that Medicare prescription drug plans may cover your medications. You might be able to find one of these plans from Humana.

Whether you get a Humana prescription drug plan or another Medicare prescription drug plan, you can get this Medicare coverage in either of two ways.

  • A Medicare Advantage prescription drug plan from Humana (or any Medicare-approved insurance company) provides your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, as well as prescription drug coverage.
  • A stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan from Humana (or any Medicare-approved insurance company) offers coverage for medications. It works alongside your Medicare Part A and/or Part B coverage.

Will Humana’s Medicare prescription drug coverage pay for my medications?

Every Medicare prescription drug plan – including Humana plans – has its own formulary. That’s a list of covered prescriptions.

So, to find out if one of Humana’s Medicare prescription drug plans (including Medicare Advantage plans) covers your medications, you can check the plan’s formulary. Here are two easy ways to check:

  • Enter your zip code into the plan finder box on this page, and you’ll see a list of plans in your area. You can enter your medications to see which Humana Medicare plans may cover them.
  • Contact eHealth’s licensed insurance agents for assistance.

Be aware, though, that plans can change their formularies. For example, Humana prescription drug coverage in a specific plan may include your medications now, but might add or drop certain medications in the future. Your Medicare prescription drug plan will send you an Annual Notice of Change every fall. It’s a good idea to check this notice and see if there are any changes to the plan’s prescription drug coverage.

Even if your Medicare prescription drug plan covers your prescription drugs, remember that you might have to pay a deductible before the plan starts paying its share of the medications. You might also pay a coinsurance amount or copayment for each prescription.

How can I sign up to use the Humana Pharmacy mail delivery?

If you signed up for a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan from Humana, you may be able to get your covered prescriptions through the Humana Pharmacy mail delivery. You can register for Humana Pharmacy by first signing up for the MyHumana member portal. Visit Humana’s website ( to sign up for MyHumana and Humana Pharmacy.

And remember, you can just type your zip code into the plan finder box on this page to view plan details anytime. Contact eHealth’s licensed insurance agents, who will be happy to answer your questions.


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