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Summary: The physician compare tool will help you find a Medicare doctor in your area. Seeing Medicare doctors generally makes your out of pocket costs less.

Maybe you’ve had a favorite primary care physician for years and hope to keep her when you have Medicare. Not every doctor accepts Medicare assignment (a payment agreement), although most do.

If your Medicare doctor accepts  assignment:

  • Your out of pocket costs may be less,
  • The doctor will submit a claim directly to Medicare and can’t charge you before submitting it, and
  • You generally only pay your deductible and coinsurance amounts.

What does it mean to be a Medicare doctor?

Doctors who accept Medicare assignment can fall into any of the following categories:

  • Participating doctors accept Medicare assignment, meaning that they accept the Medicare-approved amount as payment for their services. These doctors charge the Medicare program 80% and the beneficiary 20% of the cost of the benefit.
  • Non-participating doctors can choose to either accept or not accept Medicare assignment. If the doctor does not accept Medicare assignment, you might have to pay a 15% additional charge above the cost of the service, known as a Medicare excess charge. You would then be responsible for up to 35% of the reduced Medicare-approved amount instead of 20%.
  • Doctors who have opted out of Medicare may charge you whatever they see fit for services and supplies. You would then be responsible for the full cost of the benefits.

To find a participating doctor in your area, you may use the Physician Compare tool. This tool will help you find an approved Medicare doctor based on medical specialty, geographical area, or doctor’s name. In addition to finding Medicare-approved physicians, this tool provides information about each doctor, along with maps and directions to help you find the doctor’s office.

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