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Can I Drop Medicare Part B Coverage and Add It Later If I Have Employer Group Health Insurance?

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Yes. If you’re a Medicare beneficiary and want to drop Medicare Part B coverage while you’re working and covered by your employer’s group health insurance, you may do so.

Medicare Part B (medical insurance) comes with a monthly premium, so some beneficiaries prefer to delay or drop Part B enrollment when they have other coverage.

If you drop Part B coverage while covered by an employer’s plan, you can sign up for Part B again during your Special Enrollment Period (SEP). You can enroll in Part B anytime that you’re working (or your spouse is working) and covered by the employer- or union-based health insurance plan.

Your SEP extends for 8 months after you or your spouse stop working, or the group coverage based on current employment ends, whichever occurs first.

An SEP lets you enroll in Medicare Part B outside of your Initial Enrollment Period. As long as you enroll in Part B during your SEP, you typically won’t have to pay a Part B late-enrollment penalty in the form of a higher premium.

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