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Licensing (updated May 30, 2019)

This Web Site is brought to you by the following licensed brokers in each respective state which require insurance transactions to be conducted through a licensed agent/broker. Each agent/broker is associated with eHealthInsurance Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation with principal places of business at:

eHealthInsurance Services, Inc.

2625 Augustine Drive, Second Floor
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: 1-844-839-4346

11919 Foundation Place, Suite 100
Gold River, CA 95670
Tel: 1-844-839-4346

Alabama A185565
Alaska 22108
Arizona 88459
Arkansas 248752
California 0C64581
Colorado 109051
Connecticut 001044537
Delaware 155104
District of Columbia 9900808
Florida L049392
Georgia 103711
Hawaii 316233
Idaho AL079748
Illinois 77-0470789
Indiana 30036
Iowa 1001002273
Kansas 770470789-000
Kentucky DOI-514105
Louisiana 268039
Maine AGN68778
Massachusetts 1832025
Maryland NPF138268
Michigan 770470789
Minnesota 20216067
Mississippi 9261
Missouri AG8010202
Montana AL970510
Nebraska YR258288
Nevada 9403
New Hampshire 377232
New Jersey 0078429
New Mexico 550331
New York LA-929187*
North Carolina 77-047-0789
North Dakota 770470789-01
Ohio 25097
Oklahoma 14725*
Oregon 811528
Pennsylvania 62599
Rhode Island 1069663
South Carolina 143111
South Dakota 7477
Tennessee 00000649
Texas 13750
Utah 91882
Vermont 00354
Virginia 77-0470789
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Wisconsin 2775
Wyoming 7129

*eHealthInsurance Services, Inc. does business as eHealthInsurance Agency in the state of New York and Oklahoma.

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