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Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah

How Medicare Advantage plans work in Utah

Several years ago, the government created Medicare Advantage (MA, or Medicare Part C) plans as an alternative to Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). If you sign up for an MA plan in Utah, you will receive at least the same benefits as provided under Original Medicare. Because these plans are sold by private sector insurance companies, meaning that the costs and benefits associated with each one may differ by location and carrier.

Medicare Advantage plans in Utah may offer extra benefits like routine vision, dental, and prescription drug benefits.

Utah has two Medicare Advantage plans specifically designed for beneficiaries who are also on Medicaid.

Medicare Advantage plan facts in Utah

The Medicare Advantage program had just below 100,000 members in 2012. This was roughly 35% of the state's total Medicare population.

In terms of quality, Medicare Advantage plans in Utah received a slightly above average rating. Medicare rates plans on a scale of one to five, with five being the best. In 2011, the average rating for in-state plans was 3.14 stars. However, no MA plans received a rating of four or better that year.

Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage in Utah

Many Medicare Advantage plans offer the convenient feature of adding prescription drug coverage to your health care plan. These are called Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans (MAPDs) and if you join one, you do not need to purchase a stand-alone Part D Prescription Drug Plan (nor would you be allowed to).

Comparing Medicare Advantage plans in Utah

To help find the best Medicare Advantage plan for your needs, there are a few strategies you can use. First, always be sure to weigh the total cost of a plan and not just its monthly premium. Plans that charge less per month could have higher copayments. Also, use your past medical history to get an idea of how much you would owe in copayments per year to see the true cost of a plan.

If you wish to enroll in an MAPD, check each plan's drug formulary before enrolling in Medicare Advantage. Different plans cover different sets of medications at different prices so it's important to find one that matches what you need.

Finally, remember that each county in Utah has a different Medicare Advantage market. This means that plan availability changes depending on where you live.

Data provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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