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Medicare in New Hampshire

By the numbers

As of 2012, New Hampshire was home to 259,646 Medicare beneficiaries. The following is some information on Medicare enrollment in New Hampshire in 2012:

  • Beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B in New Hampshire who are 65 or older: 214,405
  • Beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B in New Hampshire who are under 65: 45,241
  • Beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Part A only in New Hampshire: 34,515
  • Beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Part B only in New Hampshire: 231

Medicare Advantage Organizations and prescription drug plan sponsors must have a contract with Medicare in order to sell Medicare insurance plans (such as a Medicare HMO or a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan). Depending on the terms of the contract between the plan and Medicare, not every plan is available statewide or in all service areas. Each year, the plan must renew their contract with Medicare, so the availability of a plan in a specific service area is subject to change as a result of the annual contract renewal.

Medicare resources in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Medicare Savings Programs: Residents enrolled in Medicare in New Hampshire can apply for savings programs to get discounts on medical bills. Most programs only accept beneficiaries with limited incomes, but the only way to know for certain if you qualify is to apply.

New Hampshire State Health Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (SHIP): A grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services supports ServiceLink resource centers in New Hampshire. These centers have trained Medicare specialists in every county that give free and confidential health insurance counseling and will help beneficiaries apply for Medicare Savings Programs.

Source: Statistical data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2012 Medicare Enrollment Data by State and Age.

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