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Medicare Part D Plans in Kansas

What are Medicare Part D plans in Kansas?

Prescription drug coverage is available to every beneficiary, whether through a Medicare Part D plan in Kansas or another type of coverage. A Part D plan offers stand-alone prescription drug coverage that can be used in combination with Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement, or Medicare Advantage plans. Also referred to as Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs), these plans are offered by private insurance companies in the state that are approved by Medicare.

A Medicare Part D plan in Kansas typically charges a monthly premium, which varies by company and plan. Coverage for various prescription medications may also vary. Beneficiaries may not enroll in a Prescription Drug Plan if they are already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan that includes coverage for prescription medications.

Enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan in Kansas

Enrollment in a Medicare Part D plan in Kansas can be done online, through the paper enrollment form, or by calling the plan or Medicare. Enrollment must be done during designated periods, which include the:

  • Initial Enrollment Period: for those qualifying for Medicare according to age, the Initial Enrollment Period begins three months prior to the month a beneficiary turns 65, includes the birthday month, and continues for three months afterward
  • Annual Election Period: takes place from October 15 to December 7 of each year, and is a period during which beneficiaries can enroll in or switch Part D plan coverage
  • Special Enrollment Period: these periods are allowed for beneficiaries that move out of their plan's service area, lose other creditable prescription drug coverage, or live in a nursing home or similar facility

Beneficiaries that qualify for Medicare benefits due to a disability may also enroll in a Medicare Part D plan in Kansas during their Initial Enrollment Period. That timeframe spans from 22 months after receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits to 27 months after receiving those benefits.

Choosing a Medicare Part D plan in Kansas

In 2013, there were 30 different Medicare Part D plans available in Kansas. All of these plans offer a variety of prescription drug options. Most plans will include a formulary, which is a list of all the medications covered under the plan . Formularies are often tiered, with more coverage for some medications than others. Beneficiaries should carefully peruse formularies for the various Prescription Drug Plans available in their area to find the best coverage for their current medical needs.

In addition, beneficiaries should look for Medicare Part D plans in Kansas with possible future needs in mind. This means that even beneficiaries not currently taking prescription medications may want to shop for a Part D plan to accommodate the possibility that medication needs may change in the future.

Trends in Medicare Part D plans in Kansas

Trends impacting Medicare Part D plans in Kansas in 2012 included the following:

  • There were 234,401 beneficiaries enrolled in a Prescription Drug Plan
  • This number represented more than half (52%) of all beneficiaries in the state
  • A total of 15 organizations offered Medicare Part D plans in Kansas
  • The average premium for a Prescription Drug Plan in Kansas was $56.01
  • The percentage of Prescription Drug Plans with a $0 deductible was 43%

Data provided by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

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Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information.