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Medicare in Arkansas

By the numbers

Arkansas had almost half a million beneficiaries in 2012. Residents of Arkansas spend less than the national average on Medicare, and their growth in Medicare spending per beneficiary is less than the national average of 6%.

  • Medicare beneficiaries that live in Arkansas: 552,375
  • Amount that Medicare in Arkansas spends annually (in millions): $4,657
  • Growth in annual spending per Medicare beneficiary in Arkansas (on average): 6%
  • Percentage of beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plan: 16%

Medicare Advantage Organizations and Prescription Drug Plan Sponsors must have a contract with Medicare in order to sell Medicare insurance plans (such as a Medicare HMO or a Medicare Part D Plan. Depending on the terms of the contract between the plan and Medicare, not every plan is available statewide or in all service areas. Each year, the plan must renew their contract with Medicare, so the availability of a plan in a specific service area is subject to change as a result of the annual contract renewal.

Medicare resources in Arkansas

If you live in Arkansas and you have questions about Medicare, there are resources available that will provide free information about benefits and cost saving programs.

Arkansas Medicare Savings Program: Some beneficiaries struggle to pay for health care costs that Medicare doesn't cover. Most savings programs in Arkansas help Medicare beneficiaries with limited income. However, even if your income is above the limit, you may still qualify.

Arkansas Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP): In Arkansas, the Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) provides one-on-one counseling and education to Arkansas residents. Their staff answers questions about things like Medicare health coverage, Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and other related topics.

How healthy is Arkansas?

Arkansas is the thirty-second most populous state and is ranked as the 47th healthiest state in the United States. Arkansas's strength as a healthy state is helped by its low prevalence of binge drinking as well as its moderate geographic disparity within the state. Two challenges facing Arkansas are its high prevalence of smoking as well as its high rates of cancer deaths and cardiovascular deaths.

Data provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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